The Beneficiaries - Reviews

‘Sarah Penny’s first novel reveals a rare kind of writer who fashions narrative as if the point were not to tell a mere story, but to describe grimness beautifully … a work of grace and elegance.’
The Sunday Times, South Africa

‘Penny is particularly good at anatomising the absurd hierarchies and rituals of a provincial school grimly aping traditions exported from England to this land of hadedas and pineapples.’
The Sunday Independent, South Africa

‘Sarah Penny’s compelling new book … recounts the melting of the ice maiden in vivid and masterful detail.’
Oprah Magazine, South Africa

‘The descriptions of Eastern Cape farm life and of the school are very atmospheric, and South African readers will enjoy this book which sensitively describes the militarization that white people endured as part of the paranoia of apartheid and as “beneficiaries” of the system.’
The Herald

‘Penny shows in chilling detail how the dominant political and social ethos of the 1970s and 1980s was manifested in such schools, especially through the prefect system and cadets.’
The Mail and Guardian