Tunakuhitaji Thomson Reuters!

Breaking news on 'Together We Refuse', a pioneering project which uses dramatherapy and creative writing techniques to open up dialogue between mothers and daughters about the possibility of refusing FGM ( female genital mutilation).  Our pilot project in Kenya has been fully funded by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust and the Wellcome Trust, but next year we start work in London and Bristol with the Somali and Sudanese communities.  These workshops will be partially funded by Brunel University but we also need outside funding to really make the workshops as wide-reaching and impactful as possible.

Anita Varma is the Beaver and Cub Leader for Ist Finchley and is raising three young children,  but also works for Thomson Reuters.    In addition she has been really helpful with advice and support for 'Together We Refuse'.  The opportunity has just come up to apply for a Community Champion Award with Thomson Reuters which will allow the British workshops to go ahead.

Please choose us Thomson Reuters!

PS Tunakuhitaji means 'we need you' in kiSwahili.